June 24: "Beauty and the Beast"

We are having a show June 24 -- Beauty and the Beast! Come and enjoy the performance of the season in North Fresno.

Our mission is to spread the love of dance.

With more than 50 years of combined experience across several dance instructors, D&J Dance Company is the Central Valley's premier studio for bringing this delicate and precise art to anyone with a passion for dance -- young or old. Through the leadership of Daphney Yalung and Joe Orta, D&J offers classes for children as young as 2 -- and no age limit on those who wish to join as adults.

Dance is truly a transformative experience. D&J's classes are designed to bestow confidence, charisma, and skill in every person who walks through its doors.

Located near Fresno State, we are currently offering classes at affordable drop-in rates, as well as opportunities to perform in front of audiences. Call or visit us today to join our growing company of dancers -- and learn to express yourself through movement.