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D&J announces "Snow White & the Huntsman"

D&J is proud to announce the next concert in its series: "Snow White & the Huntsman."

Update! The event is now to be held Jan. 26, 2019.

My name is Landi and my Zumba journey started a long time ago when I first saw advertisements for it on television. I immediately was drawn to the high energy which looked so fun! When I first tried Zumba in a live class setting I was nervous, stood in the back, and definitely felt uncoordinated trying to catch on to the routines, as I'm sure many others have too! However, after a few more sessions, I started getting better with the routines and my confidence increased. I started noticing subtle changes in my body - I felt stronger, my abs and booty felt tighter, I wasn't as tired after our session. I didn't picture myself being the instructor, but here I am! Zumba is my exercise, stress relief, and one of the very few exercise-related activities I actually look forward to! I'm excited to see new and familiar faces in my classes and hope you will join us for some good booty shaking!

Thank you!