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Updated July 10, 2020


Friends and Family,

First, we would like to thank our loyal students and parents for keeping us a part of your life during these unprecedented times. We cannot be more thankful for you and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces every week! You are the heart of D&J and you make our studio a beautiful family. 

As our state begins to reopen business, we want to make sure you know that D&J is committed to following all health and safety guidelines at federal, state, and local levels. We will continue to strive to create a culture of respect and safety going forward and we are counting on you to help us. We have to be sure everyone is on the same page so we can look out for each other and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are stronger together, and communication is key. The new norm is safety first! 

Our Shaw Studio will be reopening on July 6th with these new policies:  

  • Limited staff 
  • Limited class sizes 
  • Masks recommended 
  • 6ft distancing will be observed
  • Temperature checks at the door
  • No outside shoes 
  • No lobby access
  • Drop off and pick up early
  • Stay home for any illness
  • Online payments and registration only
  • New liability waiver 
  • No street shoes allowed

 Staff and Class sizes 

We are respecting everyone's right to continue staying home as much as possible at this time. Not all staff will be able to return to in-person instruction for personal reasons. All staff will still be able to conduct their usual classes through zoom. Currently, we will have limited staff teaching in-person classes. If you do not feel comfortable taking in-person classes, we will still be providing zoom access and streaming live classes on IG and FB. 

Since our class sizes must be so limited in order to observe proper physical distancing, we will still be offering our classes through zoom. If you do not feel comfortable coming to the studio at all we understand and support you, and encourage you to attend all your classes through zoom. 

Our studio will only be operating out of studios A (the first room off the lobby) and C (the big room.) B is too small to observe distancing guidelines. We will be using the Lobby door to admit students and administer temperature checks. The studio C door will be an exit only. Hand sanitizer and bathroom access will of course be provided.  


Dress code 

No street shoes will be allowed in the studio as they carry dirt and germs. All students must come in their dance clothes and street shoes; shoes will be removed as soon as possible. 

We want to limit the number of items that enter our building for sanitization purposes. 

Please bring your dance shoes with you, do not wear them. If you are taking hip-hop, carry clean shoes with you to put on in the studio, don’t wear them right off the street. 

All students taking class in person should wear a mask as well, however, masks are recommended, not required. 


Drop off/Pick up 

Our lobby is not available at this time for safety reasons. Please arrive to drop your child off at least five minutes before their class starts and return promptly to pick them up five minutes before class ends. They will enter through the lobby door and exit from the studio C door. This gives us adequate time for temperature checks before class begins and studio disinfection after class ends. 



My child is taking Ballet with Joe on Thursdays at 5:30. 

My child is dressed in dress code with a cover-up if needed, their own bottle of water, dance shoes that have not been worn outside, and a mask (recommended, not required)

I arrive in the D&J parking lot at 5:25 or earlier. 

My child goes to either the lobby door to have their temperature taken. 

My child will remove their street shoes as soon as possible to cut down on germs and dirt.

I wait to see that my child is either admitted to class or instructed to return home if they do not pass the temperature check. 

At 6:25, class is finished. My child will change their shoes, put on their coverup, exit through the studio C door, and come straight back out to the car. 



If your child is going to attend class in-person, and they have a sore throat, cough, sinus infection, ear ache, or any illness, they must stay home and rest. We want to share smiles, not germs! We will provide an opportunity for makeup classes at a later date. Your health and safety comes first! 


Waiver and Online Payments

Before returning to the studio in person, all students and parents must review and sign our new waiver, as policies have changed. 

We will be continuing online-only payments and registration. Any drop-ins and class cards will be available online on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must reserve and pay in advance. You can access your account and reserve classes through studio pro. 


We are very excited to come back and put the safety of our students and staff first! Hope to see you all soon! 

Daphney Yalung & Joe Orta,

Owners and Directors of D&J Dance Studio  


Dress Code